We are mindful guides, quite like Tibetan sherpas,
contemporary interpreters of the real needs of your business.

A small yet very cohesive team of marketing and communication professionals
that integrate and complement each-other: reliable, aware and responsible.

Let's Sherpating together!

Consulting Service

  • Strategic Marketing - A question of nuances
  • Branding - Your image is the most important business card
  • Advertising - Excite, to be remembered
  • Media Planning & Buying - Figures in hand, let’s deal
  • Social Media Management - Beyond information we create reputation, using data
  • PR & Press Management - A curious and positively empathetic “filter”
  • Event management - Not your usual event
  • Web Apps - Virtual becomes real
  • Product Design - When ideas take shape
  • Viral Video - Online emotions
  • Training - A custom-tailored baggage

Latest Case History


Intimo Artù is a major company, producing women’s lingerie. Established on the market with the Jadea brand, this company keeps up its underwear concept with a very personal and refined style. The key features of this brand are an ever-innovating style, a strong creative spirit and a continuous quality improvement: this is what allowed the firm to create successful collections, well-received both in Italy and abroad, and to become a qualified and constant presence in the lingerie world over the years. Through an effective and conscientious press office activity, we strenghtened the brand image, increasing its on and off-line visibility; moreover, thanks to an accurate on line reputation management, we created an adequate “buzz” about the products of this company.